Dolphin Safe Tuna

After hearing a lot about seaspiracy I decided to give it a go, I got as far as hearing that the Dolphin safe tuna labels were a lie and had to turn it off for now.

I’m absolutely devastated, for years I have refused to eat any tuna that isn’t classed as Dolphin friendly; believing that people were there to ensure they weren’t hurt; only to then find out that it’s all a lie. It’s a really difficult pill to swallow knowing that I, albeit unknowingly, have contributed, funded and encouraged the slaughter of thousands of innocent Dolphins by buying Tuna.

I love Dolphin, I love wales, I love the Ocean and I thought I was doing everything I could to not be a part of the problem. I was wrong. I’m going to have to give this a bit of time to digest before I try and watch anymore.

I’m absolutely heartbroken for the unnecessary slaughter of these marine animals, the dolphins, whales, sharks, turtles etc’. They’re so important and so innocent.

Knowing that Japan has been illegally whaling for the entirety of the Whaling ban has prevented me from travelling there, something I am very keen to do. I’ve always dreamed of it. But I refused until they stopped whaling. Then when I discovered they had legalised it again, I further cemented myself in the decision that neither I nor my family would be travelling to that country and having even a small contribution to their tourism until this is abolished.

After seeing the happenings in Honk Kong, I now feel the need to do research on more aspects of my life, such as my banking.

It’s safe to say that any kind of fish is well and truly banned in my house and whilst I have been looking into plant based foods for my food intolerances, I’ll now be looking into it more for less selfish reasons.

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