Out In The Garden

I’ve had a big struggle with low mood lately, so I haven’t really spent much time working on the garden. A lot of the tomatoes I had growing are neglected & shrivelled and sometimes I don’t even have it in me to go out and close the poly tunnel at night.

Today I managed to go out and have a quick check of everything. I hate my garden in general, it’s a slope, it’s a swamp and since I’ve given up the allotment and taken everything home it’s incredibly over crowded. But I really like my fruit bushes, all of my trees and the flowers that are growing.

I know gardening can be good for your mind, body & spirit but sometimes it’s difficult to even take that first step.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well things are doing though, especially the trees and they were uprooted rather late and some were just wrapped in bags for a while before actually being replanted. Nature truly is resilient. It’s as if they were never moved.

For two years I had my blueberries planted in the allotment, first in buckets, then in a bath tub. Both times in ericaceous compost, not overwatered, under-watered they just didn’t ever do well. Despite being dug up early on this year when their leaves had already started growing and being replanted into buckets they’re actually fruiting!

My apple trees are producing their best ever crop and the Almond tree has not only unexpectedly survived but has 5 big Almonds growing.

Things are growing well. Although the raspberry canes that are growing leaves have all rotted because I left them in the middle of the garden in their bucket and didn’t even realise that as that’s a swampy bit, not only will the bucket not drain properly but it will also soak up the extra water from underneath. Big mistake, 13 canes gone that I was going to gift but I can retry in winter.

There are a couple of trees that have less than happy looking leaves though, so I’m hoping they pull through.

My daughters roses have survived and one (which got snapped in half last year) has grown two rose buds.

They are such a bright and beautiful shade of pink, she’s so happy!

I did briefly check on the poly tunnel, I don’t actually enjoy being in there. I think it may feel better once all of the excess tomatoes are out into grow bags and everything else is planted but at the moment it just lacks a welcome vibe. I enjoyed sitting in it last year, this year however it is on a slope so I doubt I could get a chair in.

Anyway, this was a mini garden update. I did take a few photos whilst I was out so do pop over to instagram to have a little look through those and feel free to follow if you enjoy my posts.

As always, take care everyone and stay safe.


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