Why I find it helpful to clean before bed.

I can honestly say that I have never been much of a morning person. However, as I’ve gotten old I’ve been enjoying earlier mornings. I like the peace and the feel of a 6am morning, especially if I pop out and check on the garden; coffee or tea in hand of course.

Typically, often I don’t sleep well so I struggle to wake up that early and if I’m tired and I know that when I get downstairs I have a few bits to tidy up from the day before I tend to drag my feet.

I hate knowing that when I get up in the morning I have to get straight on with cleaning something up that I didn’t get done the day before. It makes my day feel so much busier, gives me a lot more to do and it often feels overwhelming. With 5 kids in the house there is always a lot to clean, recently I’ve made a ‘Daily Checklist’ for everyone (including me) to help make sure we get everything done that we need to do.

Last night I stayed up a little later to finish cleaning my kitchen side because that is one thing I absolutely hate leaving. As I was finishing up I realised that I was now looking forward to the morning instead of dreading it. I have done this many times before but I always forget and coming down to a clean house ready for a fresh day makes a huge difference. The whole family feels better because there’s no mess, nothing sticky on the side, everything is neat and put away. We have more time for fun things that day and another opportunity to get the kids cleaning up their own mess and looking after the house too. It’s strange the effect it has on peoples moods too, because everyone seems happier.

This is definitely something I need to keep reminding myself of and something we need to keep trying.

Moral of the story is, always make sure the mess from yesterday is cleaned up before bed so it doesn’t impact on today. If it doesn’t get done straight away, I enjoy doing it before bed. I feel like I’ve done well that way. I also find cleaning quite therapeutic, especially when you live in a house you don’t particularly like, it’s helpful to make it look as nice as possible and have it smelling nice.

Actually, we have lived here for over 4 years and I’ve been searching for a new house for almost that length in time. We didn’t even have a stair carpet until just recently. They’re difficult to measure and expensive to have fitted, so we had to save up. But every time I decided to get one, something would happen that would reinforce that need to move and I’d see it as a waste of money because I wanted to move quickly. So when we were recently offered a nearly new second hand carpet that would fit the stairs I agreed. I wasn’t sure how we would even get it fitted but I decided to just do it myself. I was having problems with injured ligaments in my fingers so it wasn’t the best idea but I did it. Very painfully I might add. There are a few parts that aren’t perfect and would definitely annoy the hell out of me if it was a new carpet in a new place but as it’s temporary I can handle it. It has honestly made a world of difference and the kids were so happy about it. Knowing what I know now I wish I had just got one sooner. Today I was offered another carpet, that should replace the carpet in the girls bedroom, of course I accepted, so that’s another room getting improved as my daughters carpet currently have stubborn stains on (mostly paint, nail varnish) and looks quite awful.

Hopefully I get the bathroom painting finished this week too, then I can make the vinyl decals to put onto the walls and ceiling. The ceiling ones will probably need a coating to stay on but I’m putting them up there so when I am washing the kids hair I can tell them to look up at the turtle, or the whale on the ceiling so they tilt their head back enough for water to not run down their faces. I’ll add photos when it’s finished.

Until then, take care everyone and remember, improvements don’t have to be done in one day, it’s okay if things take some time.


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