About me

Here’s a little introduction to me.

I’m Suzy, a thirty-something mommy of 5 still finding my place in the world.

I love cooking, I love baking, I love experimenting with food. I’m not a food lover in general and food certainly doesn’t love me. I actually have a food intolerance to pretty much everything I like to eat, so I should be on a plant based diet however that’s proving difficult, there may be the odd plant diet friendly recipe though. Hopefully.

I’m a crafter, If you can make it yourself, chances are I do. I love growing fruit and vegetables and this will be included in my blog. I’m also a writer, so I’ll be working on finally finishing a book whilst also working on this blog.

I home educate all 5 of my kids, if this is a problem for you then this blog isn’t for you.

I have my own website for selling my crafts coming soon, though this problem won’t be mentioned much on here.

I suppose this will do as a short introduction, I don’t doubt that more of my interests will become obvious as this blog progresses.

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