Why I find it helpful to clean before bed.

I can honestly say that I have never been much of a morning person. However, as I’ve gotten old I’ve been enjoying earlier mornings. I like the peace and the feel of a 6am morning, especially if I pop out and check on the garden; coffee or tea in hand of course. Typically, often IContinue reading “Why I find it helpful to clean before bed.”

Out In The Garden

I’ve had a big struggle with low mood lately, so I haven’t really spent much time working on the garden. A lot of the tomatoes I had growing are neglected & shrivelled and sometimes I don’t even have it in me to go out and close the poly tunnel at night. Today I managed toContinue reading “Out In The Garden”

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread + Ginger Cheesecake.

I used a 26cm quiche dish to make this, so the ingredients are based on this size. 


 * 560g ginger biscuits * 200g unsalted butter – I used butter for cakes * 560g Soft full fat cheese – Original plain flavour
 * 85g Icing sugar powder
 * 470g Chocolate Hazelnut spread * 1 TablespoonContinue reading “Chocolate Hazelnut Spread + Ginger Cheesecake.”

Dolphin Safe Tuna

After hearing a lot about seaspiracy I decided to give it a go, I got as far as hearing that the Dolphin safe tuna labels were a lie and had to turn it off for now. I’m absolutely devastated, for years I have refused to eat any tuna that isn’t classed as Dolphin friendly; believingContinue reading “Dolphin Safe Tuna”